Friday, January 25, 2008

What's The Matter With The Democrats?

The worst thing about this campaign so far has been how little attention has been paid the situation in New Orleans and the rest of the Gulf Region impacted by Katrina and Rita.

This has been bi-partisan. Had it been only the Rethugs, I'd put it down to their usual let 'em eat cake attitude--like when Barbara Bush said in the Astrodome in effect that the flood evacuees were going to have a better life there then they did back home in New Orleans. And now many such evacuees are stranded in Houston, miserable because they're homesick for Louisiana but unable to return, because of the lack of affordable housing in New Orleans.

But except for John Edwards, whose efforts haven't been getting the media attention that they should, the Democrats have also been keeping their heads in the sand on this continuing issue that is still having a deleterious impact on so many.

What's the matter with the Democrats on this issue? It's got to be more than simple Katrina fatigue.

Could it be that Louisiana and Mississippi are so small in terms of population--which means too few convention delegates--and electoral votes--to fight for?

Could the Democrats have written them off as "Red" states--not only Haley Barbour's fiefdom but also Jindal's Louisiana--in spite of the fact that BushCo's ethnic cleansing and cultural genocide turned her into a "Red" state?

Could it be that they're poor states (the two poorest in the nation)--which means not much in terms of contributions to campaigns?

Could it be that Katrina and flood survivors don't have well-oiled, well-moneyed special interest groups which can speak up for them--and make enough noise to attract not only media attention (which has also been in short supply--more on this at a future time) but also attention from Democratic candidates looking for votes?

Or could it be that there's more to this inattention behind the scenes?

Now, don't get me wrong--I will vote for whoever the Democratic nominee is in November, because obviously the GOP will continue BushCo's genocide by neglect in New Orleans, and a third-party vote would be wasted.

It's time for a change on the part of the Democrats--time for them to open their eyes to New Orleans and Katrina and start focussing on this issue. They should do it yesterday.

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