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Will Bush Flee To Paraguay?

No, I don't mean immediately--though that would be nice. I mean, after the next President is inaugurated. Because a massive compound supposedly is being prepared for Bush and his family in that country. So Bush, according to rumor, will be following in the footsteps of such notorious "bad guys" as Nazi scientist Joseph Mengele and ousted Nicaraguan dictator Anastasio Somoza who found Paraguay a welcoming, extradition-free haven.

The White House has denied this story. Which of course it would. But there must be something substantive to it for there to have been such a story in the first place. So does the Bush family have a Paraguayan compound or doesn't it?

According to an Associated Press article that appeared in the Chicago Examiner last Friday, Bush's younger brother Neil has recently visited Paraguay and met with that country's president Nicanor Duarte and a delegation from the Universal Peace Federation, a group associated with the Rev. Sun Myung Moon. (While the article makes no mention of the rumored Bush compound, the reader has to wonder if there may be more to Neil Bush's visit to Paraguay than meets the eye.)

Reports first surfaced in the fall of 2006 that Bush has purchased land in Paraguay for such a compound. As the article says,
"An Argentine official regarded the intention of the George W. Bush family to settle on the Acuifero Guarani (Paraguay) as surprising, besides being a bad signal for the governments of the region. Luis D Elia, undersecretary for the Social Habitat in the Argentine Federal Planning Ministry, issued a memo... in which he spoke of the purchase by Bush of a 98,842-acre farm in northern Paraguay, between Brazil and Bolivia..."

As we can see confirmed by the Associated Press News Service in their article titled "Jenna Bush joins UNICEF program in Paraguay"...

"Jenna Bush came to this poor, landlocked South American country to take part in a UNICEF program for young professionals who volunteer in its activities here... UNICEF released few details about the program involving the 24-year-old daughter of U.S. President George W. Bush, citing security concerns."

These reports suggest the these actions being taken by the Bush Family are in response to the expected War Crime Charges being filed by the International Committee for the Red Cross....

Hmmm. While Paraguay does have an extradition treaty with the US, there's also a good deal of corruption there--so if the right officials there are paid off, they'll look the other way.

Bush is also believed to have purchased this land because of its massive supply of fresh water as part of his approach to global warming. The writer of this piece ominously asks,
You think he knows something we don't?

We also find out, in an intriguing article published in Nov. 2006, that First Daughter Barbara,
upon returning from Paraguay where she is overseeing the Bush Families Massive Compound, which we have previously reported on in our October 15 report titled “US President Bush Makes Massive Land Purchase In Paraguay Ahead Of Expected War Crimes Charges“, survived an attempt on her life after being targeted by an assassin while entering her hotel in the Argentina capitol of Buenos Aires.
The article adds that Americans who heard about this in the news were told that this had been a "mugging." It seems odd, in light of the Secret Service protection Barbara would have as a First Daughter, that someone would be able even to get close enough to her to mug her.

You won't find this in the mainstream US media, folks, even though it would have been worthy of a 60 minutes piece, back in the day when 60 Minutes had balls, and you could strike terror into the heart of any executive or government official by telling him or her the 60 minutes crew was waiting out front. Or an NBC Nightly News report by Lisa Myers, or any other investigative report. This is because
American propaganda organs, as always, have not released this information to their people choosing instead to describe this assassination attempt as a ‘mugging’, which is beyond our belief to understand as the American Presidents Family are the most protected human beings in the World. Even more incredible than this report are these same American propaganda organs reporting that the wounded Secret Service bodyguard was also ‘mugged’ in an ‘altercation’ in a bar.
The article goes on to add that this happened days after a
similar attack upon the Clinton Family compound in Chappaqua, New York.

Now for more about Paraguay. This country's border region with Brazil and Argentina has for years not only been a hotbed of smuggling drugs, weapons and other contraband, but also, as the MSM focuses on such so-called "War on Terror" sites as Iraq, Afghanistan, and Somalia, has been a long-unsung venue in this war. The Hezbollah members who blew up the Israeli embassy and a Jewish Cultural Center in Argentina in the 90's are said to have come out of this terrorist haven.

And on June 1, 2005, according to the Council on Hemispheric Affairs,
the Paraguayan Congress signed off on an agreement bringing over 400 U.S. troops to that country for “joint training and humanitarian operations.” The deal, which is initially slated to last 18 months, sparked criticism and speculation among both watchdog groups and officials of neighboring South American governments, regarding possible motives behind the presence of U.S. troops in such large numbers in a country long renowned for its crime, corruption and contrabanding. The first of what will be 13 such detachments numbering less than 50 U.S. military personnel arrived on July 1, with a new contingent of 45 soldiers following on July 24. COHA was soon able to establish that the initial reports that 400 troops would be arriving in Paraguay referred to the aggregate number of U.S. troops being sent to the country over the 18 months. This confusion in the size of troop levels to be deployed had been distorted by the lack of clear information coming from the Pentagon regarding U.S. military actions in Paraguay through 2006.

This development has bugged Paraguay's neighbors.
Aside from Argentina’s tart reaction, Adam Saytanides observed in his November In These Times article that in late July “Brazil reportedly launched military maneuvers along the Paraguayan border, a move seen as an expression of Brazilian discontent with Paraguay.” He goes on to note that Brazil’s foreign minister was not amused when he sternly admonished the Duarte government, saying “Paraguay must understand that the choice is between Mercosur [the trade bloc of which Paraguay is a member] and other possible partners.” Nevertheless, the U.S. appears determined to make sure that Paraguay does not “fall to the terrorists.”

And this US involvement in Paraguay was as of Sept. 2006 among the 25 most censored stories there was. This is why you haven't seen anything on CNN, NBC Nightly News, or elsewhere in the mainstream media. So unless we dig for this information, we don't know how deeply Paraguay matters to a US not only engaged in a "War on Terror" against the extremist groups rumored to have bases in the Tri-Border region but also wanting to set up military bases close to Venezuela's ally Bolivia, with which Paraguay has had an interesting relationship.
The U.S. has vested a long-time interest in Paraguay...With Evo Morales’ somewhat anti-U.S. regime in power in Bolivia, it seems that Paraguay in the near future may again even more importance from Washington’s geo-strategic point of view, if it hopes to meaningfully counter-balance the leftward shift in the region.

A factor that Washington may try to utilize to promote close ties with Paraguay could be that the U.S. has been a friend of Asunción for a long time while the same could not be said of the Bolivians, who have had strained relations with its neighbor ever since the Chaco War in the 1930s. That conflict eventually saw Asunción emerge as the victor, which La Paz has neither forgiven nor forgotten. Bolivia, under Evo Morales, has attempted to emphasize its relationship with Venezuela rather than Paraguay, and the Bolivian leader has picked up on Chávez’ geopolitical strategy, culminating with last year’s decision to build a number of bases along the lengthy borders. Bolivian Army Commander General Freddy Bersatti has declared that these are not bases between the two countries, but rather “border modules.”

A possible site for such a base would be
at Puerto Quijarro, located 200 kilometers away from Paraguay’s Bahia Negra. Added to the difficult terrain in that part of the country, there are a number of rivers flowing across the border. As a Peruvian intelligence officer interviewed by COHA observed, “In the jungle, the rivers are like roads,” meaning that Bolivian troops could be sent to the border with Paraguay, if necessary and without too much difficulty. An October 11, 2006 article in El Mundo by Ramy Wurgaft, observed that the new Bolivian base will also be close to Mariscal Estibarriaga, where, according to rumors, the U.S. wants to build a base of its own, perhaps to preside over the Guarani Aquafier, the biggest underground reserve of agua dulce in the world.
If this location sounds familiar, this is because it's the
Acuifero Guarani
mentioned above, where the Bush compound supposedly will be. Per a post in
Wonkette, which puts it all together, this military base will protect Bush's compound. And here's another interesting fact: the Rev. Sun Myung Moon has also bought land in this part of Paraguay.

These reports are only the beginning--Google President Bush Paraguay Compound and related topics like I did and see what you can come up with. Probably enough for several diaries. It's surprising that so far there has been only one diary on this topic in Daily Kos and that was published in April of last year. So get busy and Google this, folks--what you come up with will be far more interesting than yet another campaign diary!

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Dear 76,
Ur a stupid black asshole,like almost all Louisianans. Bush doesnt own land in Paraguay,asshole.He also didnt "plan" 9-11. Those WMDs he "lied" about in Iraq were detailed by the Clintons almost a yr before he took offc. The Clintons' remarks re: Iraqi WMDs r on tape. Look em up,stupid. Once again;Bush dont own Paraguay land. He lives in Dallas & Crawford,dumbshit.Why dont u go there & try making a citizens arrest? U can join your asshole friend Dorner.Hopefully,youll both be Bin Laden'd. The SEALS took good care of him(not Odipshit).Fuck u,stupid.

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