Wednesday, February 6, 2008

"Blink Of An Eye".....

by Rexanne Becnel is an emotionally-gripping love story about a woman who survives both Katrina and her own inner demons.

When we meet Jane she's 47 (and I easily identified with her because I, too, was 47 at the time Katrina hit.) The love of her life is her brother Clark, who's like a 5-year-old trapped in a 42-year-old body because he has Downs' Syndrome. The institution he's in is evacuating to Baton Rouge.

At this time Jane is planning on committing suicide--and because she knows Katrina is coming, she decides to do this by drowning in the hurricane's surge. But, as she's in her car going under, she sees a black-and-white dog against the windshield. So instead of killing herself, she decides to rescue him. The tag on his collar says "Lucky." (This I could also relate to, because that's my cat's name.) Soon she meets Lucky's owners and they become friends. Lucky's owners then evacuate to Memphis and leave Lucky behind with her because they can't take him where they're going.

Then, in the storm's aftermath, Jane meets Ben Comeaux, a Cajun doctor who's helping out. Jane had been a nurse before she'd embarked on her downward spiral--so she also volunteers. But she's afraid about what will happen when her story comes out--about how she'd become addicted to prescription drugs. And lost her license. Especially in light of the fact that her boss is a real jackass who has it in for her.

So--will Jane and Ben get together? How will Clark fare? And how will everything turn out regarding Jane's nursing license? You'll have to read "Blink Of An Eye" to find out!

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