Saturday, February 16, 2008


Last night I was feeling really tired, having had trouble sleeping the night before, and went to bed around 6:30. But still I couldn't fall asleep.

Then, deciding I wouldn't be able to wait until my Feb. 29th appointment, I called a Hot Line number I'd been e-mailed earlier that day. I tried their line for at least an hour--it was busy. So I started wondering if I'd been given the right number and took a short rest from calling.

I was also worried about others who'd been trying to call the hotline--if I, who was looking for information on a place to make an appointment for treatment was constantly getting the busy signal, what about people in even worse trouble, like someone thinking of suicide?

Then, I tried again. I got through on the second try.

The woman I spoke to sounded kind and pleasant when I told her about my depression and possible bipolar and need for treatment because I don't have insurance--and was very helpful--steering me towards a couple of places I could call on Monday. She also asked me qujestions about my living situation and was also kind enough to ask me if I'd be O.K. that night--which I'd thought I would be.

So now I'm counting the hours until Monday morning--hoping they will steer me towards the help I need. Wish me luck! I won;t be online Monday because the library's closed for President's Day, but hope to have some good news by Tuesday.

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