Friday, February 15, 2008

Wish Me Luck!

After the 2 blogs I wrote yesterday, I've some better news.

On the way home from the library, I'd been planning on stopping at the Kroger in my neighborhood. Next door to this store is a clinic.

So I wondered if they'd be able to help me, and after I'd done my shopping, stopped there to ask the receptionist what they charge since I've no insurance. She said it's based on income.

But I don't know what I was thinking (especially in light of my having felt so desperate for help and relief earlier) because the clinic had been about to close for the night, but I procrastinated on making an appointment.

A decision I later that night regretted--because I just couldn't fall asleep thinking of how dumb I'd been to put something like that off.

So first thing this morning, I went back to that clinic. They gave me an appointment for 1PM on Fri., Feb. 29th. So wish me luck!

Though, if I decide I can't wait until then, I can always try calling the crisis help line, which my friend who'd been able to get the Cymbalta suggested!

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